Friday, 20 June 2008


Long hours of daylight and warmth mean rampant growth so it’s hard to keep up with everything that’s coming up, but the summer themes are well and truly established. Here are our Top Ten things to see at mid-Summer.

Number 10: Woodland Perennials in Peep-In. Stroll up the front drive and turn right by the fallen tree trunks onto a path rich in woodland perennials. A riot of texture, colour and form, they’re the result of a nursery clear-out in the spring when excess stock was randomly planted and left to fend for themselves!

Number 9: Ferns, in the tree fern glade in Peep-In, along the approach to Peach House Wood and in the Walled Garden’s indoor Fernery. There’s more than 60 varieties of fern along the path leading to Peach House Wood alone. The lush, cool woodland provides a perfect refuge from bright summer sunlight.

Number 8: Gunneras threading through the woodlands, featuring large by the car park, re-appearing in the Avenues and going mad in the deep gulley in Peach House Wood.

Number 7: The Maze, on the way to the Jungle Garden. Don’t pop into the maze to admire the variety of traditional British hedging while in a hurry. It is very pretty and the birdsong is stupendous in the trees overhead, but escape is quite difficult!

Number 6: The Jungle Garden, on the way to the Walled Garden. The banana trees are unfurling huge leaves; daisies dance alongside gingers and cannas. This part of the garden will surely be Number 1 in a matter of weeks!

Number 5: Acers and Azaleas, in Peep-In and in the Avenues. The flamboyant colours of spring are now but a memory, but there are still great splashes of colour in the woodlands thanks to vibrant and strident azaleas in Peep-In and the Avenues.

Number 4: Echium in the Walled Garden. On the lower half of the path between the north wall and the herb border (which will soon be in the Top Ten), you’ll be confronted by towering spikes of Echium covered with tiny blue florets. Do look down too and see the huge variety of plants massed in the border .

Number 3: Roses in the Walled Garden. Duck under the Echium and continue down to the bottom wall, where you’ll find our own, salmon-coloured Leo’s Eye climbing rose. Now stroll down to the raised patio and look down to the entrance, through rose-strewn arches.

Number 2: Water Lilies in the fish pond in the Walled Garden. In the middle of the Walled Garden is a classic fish pond and fountain, with a lovely display of pink and white water lilies.

Number 1: Perennials in the Walled Garden
Take your time to admire the huge and eclectic mix of perennials coming up in the deep borders.

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Things are looking beautiful. Anything to update through the colder months?